The Best in Taste and Environmentally friendly.

We bring the fresshness from Indonesian ocean

Processed and frozen in the shortest possible time,

stringent hygiene procedures & controls.



The seas around the Indonesian archipelago are home to a rich variety of fish. From well known Red Snapper, the delicious Silver Pomfret, up to large choice of Tuna; but those which pass through our factory have all one thing in common : Freshness. We preserve this freshness throughout the processing by careful handling and rapid freezing. We apply a very strict grading standard, and our customers know that "Susi Brand" 1st grade is a true premium product.

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Prawn Shrimp

Our specialities are prawn and shrimp caught in the clean and clear water of Indian Ocean, by the small daily fisherman operating in front of our door. We are freezing them either in standard blocks or -even better- with our ADVANTEC freezer IQF in less than 5 minutes. Cooked or breaded prawn complement our wide range of products in this category. We buy cultivated prawn only from small and medium scale farmers after we confirm that they use environmentally friendly farming methods and no harmful drugs or chemical in their ponds. This ensures that these prawns can reach the same standards as our wild-catch products: "The Best in Taste".

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Lobster is the signature product of Susi Marine. Our company started in 1983 by supplying lobster to other exporters. Our first own export in 1996 was lobster, and it is still our specialty and best known item. We were supplying two thirds of the Indonesian lobster imports to Japan. This is due to our very simple receipt for lobster quality: We only process them for export if we receive them alive from the fishermen. Due to this very strict grading and quick handling throughout the process, our raw frozen lobster is used in Japan as sashimi to replace live lobster.

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Individual Quick Freezing

Achieving rapid heat removal without otherwise affecting the product, our Frigoscandia Equipment ADVANTEC™ impingement airflow technology excels – both at freezing and chilling. Taste, mouthfeel and product quality are assured.


Our experienced certified staff, ensure our fillet products meet the quality standard even further. We really strict on quality control, as our effort to deliver best products, yet best in taste.

Whole Round

We also provide whole round products for your needs. Fish, shrimp and prawn, and also lobster. We have options based on weight which also can be customized for your needs.

Life shipment

Life shipment are available for several area. We deliver products from our factory by Air to Jakarta, which then distributed to our customers for life product (ie lobster).

Susi Brand

"The Natural Choice for Quality Seafood"

The factory

PT ASI Pudjiastuti (Susi Marine)

Jalan Merdeka 312 Pangandaran, 46396
West Java - Indonesia
Phone: +62 265 631220

Susi Marine | Susi Brand

Our goal at Susi Marine is to bring the best of Indonesian seafood to the market. We want to become a trusted partner to supply any product required by our customers. As a family owned business, with a foundation of thousands of fishermen as our supply base, we can continuously deliver high quality to markets around the world

When we decided in the late 2001 to start building a new factory to replace our old facilities, our goal was to create best seafood processing unit in Indonesia. We have invested US $ 2,5 million in a high quality of materials, equipment and technology to reach that goal The new factory has now been operational since October 2002 and has far exceeded ours -and our customer’s- expectations.

We are commited to produce and deliver products which have the highest standard of quality and food safety. To achieve this we are processing with strict control at every stage of production to maintain freshness and hygiene from the raw material to the end product. We have a comprehensive HACCP plan in place, which is backed by our own in-house laboratory.

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